Monday, 28 February 2011

LFW David Koma Fall 2011/2012

If you don't recognise the name, think back to The X Factor 2009 when Cheryl Cole wore this dress, dividing critics opinions. He has now become a big name amongst the fashion savvy and was hailed as one of the favourite designers who showed and London Fashion Week this year.
David Koma Fall 2011/2012

I am a personal fan of this collection, due to his use of black leather and fur as well as nude and neon flashes through the collection (for example the bright yellow fur stole featured on one of his!)
He has also collaborated with Topshop to produce five key pieces which range from £100-£350 so you too can have a piece of Koma hanging up in your wardrobe.

 David Koma for Topshop

Saturday, 26 February 2011

Oh wow!

Shoes by DSquared2

Friday, 25 February 2011

Gym Bunny

Today, I attended the gym for the first time and I can honestly say I actually enjoyed it! I have decided to get a membership so I can tone up and get bikini-ready for my summer holidays. It has also given me a reason to buy one of my main lusts in life at the moment, trainers! As many of my besties will tell you I have had this obsession for quite a while, and I'm sure they cannot wait until the day I finally invest in a pair so I will finally shuthefuckup.
I seem to have seen a lot of cool pairs worn by celebs (see Jayden Smith) but none in actual shops, ill have to hunt some down in time for payday!

I like short shorts, you like short shorts, we all like short shorts

After seeing these shorts on the Topshop website this morning I decided I want them in my life... and then after seeing them on a blog this afternoon I realised I do infact NEED them.
I was then left devestated when I returned to the Topshop website to find out theyd only gone and sold out!!! From this point on it is my mission to track down a pair...

Thursday, 24 February 2011

Olivia ♥

This is actually the cutest outfit ever, I love her!

P.S Seriously need to get my hands on that coat
I really wish I had a furry companion to distract me from the ever growning pile of work I have to do...

MFW Francesco Scognamiglio Fall 2011/2012

Once again, whilst in a half hearted attempt at doing some work for my university course I came across this beauty. Scognamiglio (dont ask me to say it) is the very man who has wardrobed Lady Gaga, Madonna and Rhianna so I expected something alot different to what he presented at Milan Fashion Week this year.
I find this collection very wearable, unlike many of the items I find Lady Gaga and Rhianna wearing these days. I seem to have fallen head over heals in love with  this collecton, from the dark rouged lips to the fur and leather jackets, its just beautiful.
The limited colour palet producing chic tailoring and sexy mini-dresses, as well as details such a fur, lace and ruffles keep the collecton very feminine and wearable.

Saturday, 19 February 2011


This morning I found out I got the job at Kurt Geiger and have been buzzin' ever since, with a 50% discount and a FREE pair of shoes this is seriously my dream job!

One day my shoe collection will look like this...

Friday, 18 February 2011

I need this nail varnish in my life.

NYFW Marchesa Fall 2011/2012


In pursuit of picking a designer for one of my university projects I came across Marchesa's Fall 2011/2012 collection and I must say, it has definitely got to be one of my favourite fall collections shown at New York Fashion Week. I have always had a thing for Marchesa's opulent gowns and cocktail dresses, after seeing them frequently appear on the red carpet worn by their A-list clientele.
Out of their fall collection these are by far my favourites, due to their simple colour scheme yet beautiful decoration and detailing, even down to the lace socks.
If only I had the money and occasion suitable to buy one... maybe one day!

Thursday, 17 February 2011


fur cardigan - Zara
grey tshirt- Topshop
leather leggings - Topshop
wedges - New Look
blouse - Topshop 
fur headpiece - H&M
waistcoat - Topshop
maxi dress - H&M
leggings - Topshop

These are a few of the images i took for my fashion photography project at University, modelled by one of the besties - my theme was behind the scenes.

Valentines Day was spent with the beau in Manchester, we stayed in the absolutely gorgeous Velvet Hotel on Canal Street and ate dinner at Piccolino's, an Italian restaurant iv been wanting to try for ages. I would highly recommend the Velvet Hotel, from its friendly staff to the stunning rooms, this hotel really want brilliant. All the rooms are individually decorated, making it extra special in my eyes. The next morning, we got breakfast in bed via room service.
Best Vday EVER

Wednesday, 16 February 2011


Well here goes nothing... 
I have decided to start a blog, mainly due to my friend Pheobe introducing me into the wonderful world of blogging and therefore me spending so much time reading them that I thought it would only make sense to start my own. This is mainly a place to write down all my thoughts and happenings going on in my life, a bit of a jazzy diary really!