Thursday, 24 February 2011

MFW Francesco Scognamiglio Fall 2011/2012

Once again, whilst in a half hearted attempt at doing some work for my university course I came across this beauty. Scognamiglio (dont ask me to say it) is the very man who has wardrobed Lady Gaga, Madonna and Rhianna so I expected something alot different to what he presented at Milan Fashion Week this year.
I find this collection very wearable, unlike many of the items I find Lady Gaga and Rhianna wearing these days. I seem to have fallen head over heals in love with  this collecton, from the dark rouged lips to the fur and leather jackets, its just beautiful.
The limited colour palet producing chic tailoring and sexy mini-dresses, as well as details such a fur, lace and ruffles keep the collecton very feminine and wearable.

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