Tuesday, 6 March 2012


Im not a beauty blogger and I dont even know much about make-up, never mind the vast amounts of lotions and potions I probably should be using. But one thing I do know is a good fake tan when I use one and at the moment this is my ultimate fave - Palmers Natual Bronze Cocoa ButterThe mother discovered this one a while ago but I was too obsessed with my MakeBelieve and Vita Liberata products to try it, until I did a massive beauty haul before coming back to university in January and thought what the heck iv already spent £40, another £5 wont hurt.
Since then its been my new ultimate favourite, obviously for nights out I need to apply an extra helping of instant tan but for the general day to day wear I think its perfect, providing me with a healthy glow and keeping my skin oh so smooth. I tend to apply it every night before bed-time, therefore I don't feel too sticky during the day.

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