Saturday, 5 March 2011

5th March 2011

Today after work I found myself aimlessly walking around Fenwicks... alone... for 50 minutes. Despite being a saturday I found the experience highly relaxing, theres nothing I love more than a good department store... Now were not talking your average Debenhams or BHS, but beautiful stores such as Harvey Nichols in the home town of leeds, aswell as Selfridges and Fenwicks. Theres just something soothing about them, I dont know whether its the plush carpets, the calm atmosphere or the beautiful clothes, accessories, beauty products, jewellry, toys and everything else which you can find all under one cosy roof, all set out so beautifully and welcoming.

Whilst wondering I found myself in the Mulberry department, and I know basically everywhere you look theres either an Alexa or Bayswater staring back at you but I never realised just how actually beautiful their bags really are... they made me want to quit university right there and then and spend my last loan on ALL of them!

These are some of my favourites...

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  1. That Alexa is perfect for summer. I loove the name of your blog. Hiya fellow geordie.

    Helen, X